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Get To Know your floral designer


McKenzi Kaminstein-Fox

If you've made it to this page, you're most likely an engaged person looking for a floral designer for your dream wedding. The wedding industry is all about connection, which is my absolute goal when corresponding with you and your partner. I want you to feel safe to ask any questions, throw out any ideas, and you have absolute permission to be confused, happy, joyful, nervous, ALL the emotions. Inquiring with vendors can be a stressful and a part-time job to be honest. It's time to take a rest and be able to enjoy the process, I promise to make it as simple and fun as possible.

It's okay to take a backseat with your florals and to let your designer have reign over bloom choice + placement, after all, that's what we're here for!  I am here to make your dream florals come to life in the best way possible, while creating a connection and relationship with you and your partner. I am very easygoing, non-traditional, sometimes a cuss word slips out. I am not perfect, but I have your back 100%. We will make a great team, let's get started.

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