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Unique + Niche Wedding Floral Styles

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Wedding flowers have such an impact on the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of your wedding. While some may argue the importance of flowers on your wedding day, my clients are of a different variety who appreciate the beauty and emotions that flowers bring to a wedding day. Now more than ever, tradition is taking a backseat as couples decide for themselves what is important to include in their ceremony and reception. Things like bouquet and garter tosses are phasing out, and personal details and touches are becoming widespread. It is no different in the floral industry. While some still enjoy the classic round bouquet, we are seeing an extreme amount of specific styles and mashing of aesthetics. I for one, am loving this transition into more personalization and saying goodbye to uniformed wedding flowers with the same old shapes and blooms being used.

We all know the common floral styles; boho, garden, modern, botanical, ect. I want to take a deep dive into more complex themes.

Moody Romantic

A twist on the classic romantic styled wedding is moody romantic. While keeping many of the blush and light tones, adding in darker accents brings something fresh and exciting. Gold or brass is a great metal to use for compote containers and candle sticks, which also bring a dimly lit ambiance. If you’re really ready for a risk, wrought iron is such a great alternative metal to brass or gold. Romantic is usually paired with lighter colored greenery like lambs ear and willow eucalyptus, swapping these with dark toned silver dollar eucalyptus or ruscus can completely switch the mood of your bouquet and other floral pieces. Textured linens like velvet or crepe will bring out the best in your centerpieces.

Avant Garde

While this may not be a popular wedding style yet, I’m manifesting it into existence. This is not for the faint of heart, it’s for the rule breakers and risk takers. If anyone would ask me what a dream wedding would look like to me, one of them would be an avant garde wedding with soft touches. Creativity oozes from these floral pieces, there is so much detail in every crevice and the pieces actually speak to you. Okay, maybe not literally, but artistically. There are no rules to this look, no common denominators from look to look, it is made purely out of expression. If you are looking for this style, bring your florist a color palette and a few inspiration photos, but improvisation is a must for the designer.

Luxe European

This style has a ton of garden-like elements but has a huge European architecture influence. Colors stick mainly to whites, creams, and blush colors. While garden is an old fashioned style, the huge columns and wide arches that are commonly seen give it a new modern look. The classic round bouquet is a likely choice for brides with this taste along with garden roses, peonies, and other rich premium blooms. This look is inspired by english, greek, and italian old style weddings but is modernized with our own american touches. If you’re looking to budget, this might not be the look for you. While most other wedding designs are easy to create with a smaller price point, Luxe European requires a specific venue and multiple vendors.

Ethereal Woodland

For my free-spirited, traveling, barefoot, should-be-living-in-a-van, couples; this is a great alternative to boho if you feel it just doesn’t quite fit. Screw a color palette, if it’s found in nature, it’s fair game. Wildflowers with long draping greenery, surrounded by trees is the way to go. Dried or live florals are both great options and a mixture of both brings a perfect balance of textures. Large greenery garlands instead of singular centerpieces bring tablescapes to life and add a value of unity. Whether you’re looking to get eloped, surrounded by the most important people in your life, or you’re wanting to fill a forest, this style is appropriate for both.

Edgy Boho

Boho has completely taken the wedding industry by storm the past few years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Everything we love about boho, but with that extra omf. With the same warm neutrals + earth tones, we take floral design to the next level with interesting lines, sharp color contrasts, and bigger and better installations. Bouquets are overflowing and make a huge statement, while centerpieces take more of a backseat to large focal pieces. The only thing I can compare this look to is a boho wedding in the late 60’s set in the desert. Disco balls, animal skulls, cowboy hats, leather, motorcycles, and vintage cars, what more could you possibly ask for in a wedding day?

If you have any uncertainty about what exactly you are looking for, please reach out to your florist. A good florist doesn't just create beautiful arrangements, but also creates a wedding's atmosphere.

Eclectic Florals is ready to create a unique wedding atmosphere special to you as a couple. Live floral weddings available for Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) residents, and our wood/dried/preserved are available to be shipped anywhere in the US! Go to "contact us" to start your quote today!

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