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Wedding Flowers / Florist Guide - NEPA Wedding Florist

During the course of your wedding planning, you’re going to have countless meetings, calls, or emails with a long list of vendors. Some may be seamless and easy, while others take a bit more effort. Your wedding florist may be one of the attributes of your wedding day that may require a bit more attention than the rest. I’m going to detail how to make the process as organic and free-flowing as possible.

Come Prepared

Before reaching out to your florist of choice, or setting up a meeting with them, there are a few details you should consider thinking about to provide your florist with.

Budget- This one can be tricky for some couples, and I often hear “We aren’t sure what we are looking to spend.”. The number doesn’t have to be exact, but a general idea is super helpful. Yes, floral costs are on the rise with no end yet in sight, but a good florist can take those larger than life pintrest-inspo-photos and present you with something that would fit your budget better. Don’t get discouraged if the quote you get back is higher than expected, because there are always ways to scale back or even make something bigger and better.

Event Details- Depending how far in advance you are planning, you can provide the basic details for your day.

Things like:


Location or Venue

Time of Ceremony

Names of other vendors you are working with

Quantities- If you know how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, and centerpieces you will be needing be sure to include this. For any larger pieces, like an arbor, shape and general dimensions are a must have for an accurate quote.

Some of the most common arrangements for weddings are:

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Jr. Bridesmaid Bouquets

Bouquet Toss Bouquet

Wrist Corsage


Wedding Arch

Aisle Arrangements


Sweetheart Table

Hanging (or chandelier) Installation

Photo Backdrop Wall

Inspiration and Style- Some couples have a clear vision for what they want their flowers to look like, and others need more direction. Both are okay! Inspiration photos are always extremely helpful, but if you’re looking for more direction, any small details will do! A color palette, any specific blooms you’re fond of, and an overall vibe will help your florist to create a vision for you. After all, their job title is “floral designer”.

Some common wedding styles:

Boho- Pampas, Palms, Earth Tones, Little Greenery

Garden- Garden Roses, Peonies, Lots of Greens, Blush/Cream Tones

Modern- Ranunculus, Designer Carnations, Anemones, Unique Colors

Advant Garde- Moss, Hearty Greens, Deep Colors, Mixing Textures

Classic- Light + Airy, Roses, Eucalyptus, Babies Breath, Muted Tones

To explore more niche wedding styles visit my other blog post

At the end of your wedding, you should look back at the planning process and have fond memories. As a wedding florist, I want to make the process as fun and stress free as possible. Find a down-to-earth florist who is as invested in your day as you are.

As always, I am available for phone or in-person consultations. Let’s get this wedding party started. Access our contact form below to get the ball rolling together!

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